Rocker Medical Massage

Bill Rocker, Jr., MA, LMT
Exercise Physiologist/Massage Therapist
Medical Massage and Wellness
Rock Tape FMT 1 certified

Moved to New Location:

660 Lincoln Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Office: 616.546.6669
Cell: 616.403.1862

Appointments can be made Monday-Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm. Occasional Saturday appointments are also available. Please call 616-546-6669 to set up an appointment.

Rates are $45 for a ½ hour and $75 for 1 hour.

Gift Certificates are available. Please call 616-546-6669 to purchase.

What is Medical Massage
and how is it different?

  1. Medical Massage Therapy is based upon and performed according to neuro-musculo-skeletal findings. These findings include musculo-skeletal alignment (postural position), soft tissue evaluation to find tissue texture, tissue density, inhibition or lack of development in musculature, trigger points, tender points, fibrosis, pain, and lastly joint mobility. The Medical Massage Therapist will use the ART principle of assessment: Check for any Asymmetry, assess Range of Motion about a joint, and analyze soft Tissue texture abnormality.
  2. Following the assessment of the soft tissue, first and second layer massage is used to prepared the muscle tissue for the deeper manual therapy techniques of Medical Massage.
  3. Techniques for deep tissue penetration to the level of the periosteum (bone covering) are performed with skilled hand techniques that greatly reduce client apprehension and treatment stress, thereby promoting a higher level of treatment success and a greater degree of patient comfort and retention.
  4. Boney lever stretching techniques are used to create a greater release and balance in the soft tissue leading to a more complete recovery.

This is accomplished through:

  1. Body position to maximize client and musculo-skeletal relaxation and to reduce postural tissue tension that blocks soft tissue healing response.
  2. The concept of folding is applied to facilitate the deep, but comfortable, penetration to the level of the periosteum (bone covering).
  3. The use of joint physics: traction, shearing, torque, and shaking/vibrating to increase mobility within that joint.

Rules of Assessment for a Medical Massage Therapist:

  1. The Medical Massage Therapist will NOT diagnose.
  2. The Medical Massage Therapist will insist on a medical diagnosis by a Medical, Osteopathic, or Chiropractic Physician where applicable.
  3. The Medical Massage Therapist takes postural and soft tissue findings and works to correct the abnormal findings.
  4. The Medical Massage Therapist will refer client to Medical, Osteopathic, or Chiropractic professionals for evaluation and treatment for conditions outside the scope of practice of the therapist.
  5. The Medical Massage Therapist is a true allied health care professional who keeps client notes, maintains malpractice insurance, and behaves ethically at all times.