Rocker Medical Massage

Bill Rocker, Jr., MA, LMT
Exercise Physiologist/Massage Therapist
Medical Massage and Wellness
Rock Tape FMT 1 certified

Moved to New Location:

660 Lincoln Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Office: 616.546.6669
Cell: 616.403.1862

Appointments can be made Monday-Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm. Occasional Saturday appointments are also available. Please call 616-546-6669 to set up an appointment.

Rates are $45 for a ½ hour and $75 for 1 hour.

Gift Certificates are available. Please call 616-546-6669 to purchase.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ran Chicago, hip felt great, nailed the pace! Thanks again. :-)" -- Dr. G

“Bill is the BEST certified massage therapist in west michigan [...] Had a major leg injury which effected the rest of my body. No doctor No chiroprator No pill would help. Bill's training and talent was the cure. You cannot go wrong with Bill." -- G.

"Bill Rocker can work magic on your sports (or other) injuries or sore spots. I swear it is like magic--he can just look at you laying down and spot where the problem is, or just gently rest his hands on your back and immediately find the problem. He does a lot of stretching, pressure, and manipulation or your muscles, and will help you get healthy and stay healthy. He came highly recommended, and he fixed my running related issues in just 2 appointments. Awesome!" -- Aimee V.

"Bill came highly recommended and I can see why! He figured out immediately that my knee pain was stemming from a leg length issue (my hips were misaligned). He is very professional. I was so impressed that I continue to go back just for relaxation massages whenever I can." -- Marjo K.

"Dear Bill Rocker, You are a miracle worker! My heel felt much better immediately after I saw you. Then, 2 days later I bought a laser pointer and have been doing your recommended therapy. Ha! It seems to be working. No pain in my heel when I wake up in the morning. Thank you very much." -- T. B.